Beautiful Woman’s Valley Active Nature Trail Trip

The standard trip consists of 8 stations. The participants can get to know the establishment of the Eger wine region, traditional and modern wine-making process and gain useful information about wines and wine-makin in the different cellars which are interesting to see.

Adults can also taste wine and cultivate their knowledge of viniculture. Among the stations you can find the Botanic Garden of Eger where you can taste herbal teas in the garden of István Rigó, who also gives advice on how to plant herbs.


In case of children groups, they can go on an adventure in the Valley Obstacle Course Playground. On demand, they can also try themselves on an orienteering course. At the Visiting Centre Station they can use the services and opportunities given by the Beautiful Woman’s Valley Visiting Centre. Temporary exhibitions, wine-cork collection are displayed and they can also bottle wine/must/grape-juice themselves and make labels for them.

There is a Beauty Room in the building where style counselling, individual make up, colour test can be taken along with massage and other health services. We can organize programs for more days even.