Márai room

The Visitors’ centre is named after Sándor Márai. Why?

Sándor Márai (1900-1989) is a great fan of wine and viticulture who always wanted to have a cellar when for his old age. The great traveller visited Eger and the taste of wines from Szépasszonyvölgy may inspired him to write his book called Wine Book, in which he exploits the joy and secrets of wine drinking.

When I get old, I wan to have a cellar – this is my firm intention. I do not want anything else from life.

Our Visitors’ Centre is commemorating Márai where wine and culture meet –
For those who thirst for culture!

* * *


The Marai room gives place to special literature lessons with film screening. For tourists and visiting groups we provide a short presentation on the life and works of Marai.

Our program ’Literature Chat’ has the goal to reach the young with such a picture of literature that makes them want to read and educate themselves even in the age of gadgets.

From our topics:

  • Marai in the Museum
  • Marai’s signature or introduction to graphology
  • Pictures, poems, picture-poems