Program Package Offerings

Gastronomy Program Package

Wine-tasting, modern vinicultural presentation, cellar tour

Tasting of gastronomical specialties (smoked cheese, grape jam, grape palinka)

You can taste Gárdonyi’s favourite dishes!

Have the wine of the month and put it in a bottle yourself!

Visit the Botanic Garden in Eger!

School Trip Package

Szépasszony Valley Active Trail Trip

Obstacle Course Valley Playground, orienteering course and team competition

MATULA Playhouse,

Bottling wine and grape juice, modern vinicultural presentation and cellar tour

Visiting the wine cork collection

Family Business Package

A program connected to seasons for families with small kids (registration is needed)

Adventure for the Family in Summer

Competitions in the Obstacle Course Valley Playground, orienteering course, scavanger hunt, Nature Trail Trip

Lights, Pictures and Tastes of Autumn Package

Making crafts connected to autumn, eg. Carving pumpkin lanterns

Tasting of grape jam, smoked cheese and must

Winter Wonderland

Making spiced hot wine or apple cider

Making gingerbread for adults/kids

Senior Pilgrimage

Walking in nature

Modern vinicultural presentation, cellar tour

Visiting the Botanic Garden of Eger – gardening and lifestyle counselling